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Why to us? and our prices

Because the party at "Paramythi" is UNIQUE!

Parmythi innovates in many places:

1.) Your party is exclusive - privet. All our spaces, just for you and your guests,
with sofas, as if it is "your living room" in your own playground.!

2.) In addition to playing in the playground (inflatable - toy building - group games) includes
and shows lasting 10'-30'.

3.) Our shows have been watched by more than 200,000 children and they are of many kinds:
interactive, participatory, comedic, adventures, technologically advanced, for young or old children.

4.) A basic and essential spectacle is the Theatrical cutting of the cake performed by the child celebrating
in a short 7-minute skit, be crowned with the gift of a luxurious crown and
we all dance at the disco (total duration 20'-30'.)

5.) 1 one or 2 two shows can be added from the available assets of 18 different SHOWs.

6.) The escorts stay on the ground floor level recently renovated (in a modern style)
and the shows on the upper level with historical medieval & theatrical style.

More information:
Shows have an extra cost and when added by 2 or more have a discount.
You shape the party with whatever you want to be offered to your child and your guests
and the final number is configured by you 3 days before.
The food - snacks for the children and the attendants, comes from 2 cooperating catering companies.
The place is spotlessly clean, safe and has the renewed certification from EBETAM
Paramythi is at your disposal for on-site inspection, by appointment.
The minimum number for organizing your party is 10 children and 10 chaperones.
and the upper number is : 35 children and 42 companions on 2 levels.
Below, see the prices that include the corresponding VAT of 13% and 23%.

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What people say about us?

The parties at Paramythi playground are magical

There is no other place with such shows, service and quality. Children feel and are the protagonists!

It was magical exactly as it was 10 years ago,

with our first child ... ARIS M.

Once again we thank you very much

For the seventh consecutive year, we came from Aulida to celebrate the birthday of our child. What you offer to our children is priceless !!! We had a wonderful time!! We will definitely be back! You are the best!!!

Thank you very much for your wonderful service and your courtesy !!!

We will definitely make our birthday here again. Keep up the team work to continue being effective.

I threw myself into a sea of happiness through my daughter`s surprised eyes

I danced, I played, I sang, I saw happily smiling children`s faces. I came from Vari to make my daughter`s birthday as unique as possible and i succeeded in giving my daughter the sweetest experience of her life so far.

We had a great time! The event

was exciting. Both kids and parents enjoyed it Thank you very much.